Early morning fire brings significant damage to local business

At approximately 4:50 am on Monday morning, the Elizabethton Fire Department along with Elizabethton Police Department and Carter County Rescue Squad, responded to a commercial structure fire at Fatboy Fabrication 1481 Highway 19-E. 
First arriving personnel found heavy smoke and fire conditions coming from the roof.
Crews quickly deployed a hand line and made entry into the structure to extinguish the fire. After gaining entry, it was discovered that the ceiling was covered with plywood and a traditional interior attack would be difficult to achieve due to building construction limitations.
That is when the decision was made to aggressively transition to an exterior attack.
When that decision was made, on-scene personnel quickly deployed an additional hand line, a master stream device, and an aerial waterway to combat the deteriorating conditions. 
While those tasks were being performed, other crews on scene began to proceed with salvage operations to save the interior contents from as much damage as possible.
Personnel covered cars, car parts, and tools with salvage covers to minimize water damage to these valuable items.
It is estimated that these salvage operations protected approximately $500,000 worth of building contents.
Once the fire was controlled, a fire investigation was conducted. The fire appears to have started in a small metal barrel that may have contained discarded oil-soaked rags inside of it.
The fire then travelled up the wall, severing an airline, and into the open attic space. 

Photo Courtesy Elizabethton FIre Department
Smoke billows from the roof of Fatboy Fabrication located at 1481 Highway 19-E. 
fire 1
Photo Contributed by Elizabethton Fire Department
With the overhead of Fatboy Fabrication being plywood, the Elizabethton Fire Department had to attack the fire from the exterior of the building.

fire 2
Photo Contributed by Elizabethton Fire Department
Daylight brought the opportunity to see the extent of the damage to the Fatboy Fabrication business which caught fire early Monday morning.

fire 3
Photo Courtesy of Elizabethton Fire Department
The quick action of the Elizabethton Fire Department helped to save several cars located inside the business along with car parts.

fire 4