City Manager

The position of City Manager was created by state law to provide for professional management of day to day operations subject to policies, ordinances and budgets set by the City Council.*  The City Manager is responsible for all departments to provide services such as police and fire protection, utilities, public works, recreation, planning and building codes.**    

Daniel Estes has served as City Manager since June 2018. Previously he served as an Assistant City Manager for Collierville, Tennessee.

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*TCA 6-35-201.

Appointment and qualifications. (a) The council shall appoint a chief administrative officer of the city who shall  be entitled city manager, and who shall serve at the pleasure of the council.

(b)(l) The manager shall be selected on the basis of his training, experience, and other administrative qualifications for the office and without regard to his political or religious preference or his place of residence at the time of his appointment.

(2) No councilman shall be eligible for the position of manager within two (2) years after the expiration of his latest councilmanic term. [Acts 1957, ch. 238, § 7.01; T.C.A., § 6-3501.)

**TCA 6-35-204.

Powers and duties. The manager shall:

  1. Supervise the administrative affairs of the city;
  2. Be charged with the preservation of the public peace and health, the safety of persons and properties, and the enforcement of the laws, ordinances, and franchises, and the development and utilization of the city's resources;
  3. Make such reports and recommendations as he may deem desirable and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this charter or required of him by ordinance or resolution of the council not inconsistent with this charter; and
  4. Have the right to take part in the discussion of all matters coming before the council, but not the right to vote. [Acts 1957, ch. 238, § 7.04; T.C.A., § 6-3504.]