Special event beer permitting, other business discussed during April Council meeting

The Elizabethton City Council met for their regularly-scheduled April meeting inside Council Chambers at the Elizabethton City Hall.
Rev. Jody Bewley, pastor of Roan Street Church of God provided the invocation with Mayor Curt Alexander leading the Pledge of Allegiance.
City Clerk Preston Cobb performed the roll call of members for the meeting with all council members present. Council proceeded to approve the minutes from the March 2024 meeting.
During old business, Council voted to approve on second reading and public hearing an amendment to Title 8 of the Municipal Code regarding the sale, permitting, and regulation of alcoholic beverages within the City of Elizabethton - specifically special event beer permitting.
Over the past several years, the City of Elizabethton has experienced an increase in special events within the city limits. Some such events have requested the sale of beer that requires the approval of the Elizabethton Beverage Board.
However, the Elizabethton Municipal Code currently doesn't specifically address special event permitting. With requests increasing in frequency, City staff reviewed Title 8 of the Elizabethton Municipal Code and requested the following revisions:
  • Language added in 8-101 to reference the legal definition of "beer"
  • Update language in 8-201 regarding the legal definition of "beer".
  • Amended 8-203(12) by removing Elizabethton Police Department.
  • Amends 8-208(5) to address relocations and issuance of temporary permits.
  • Removes, in its entirety, 8-208(6).
  • Removes, in its entirety, 8-224 and replaces it with "Special Event Beer Permit".
There were some key provisions made for special event beer permits. Those are as follows:
  • Each event is limited to a maximum of two (2) days
  • Limits the annual amount of special event permits to six (6) times per year, per applicant.
  • Sets the special event beer permit fee to $100 per application.
  • Exempts special events from the requirements set out in section 8-208.
  • Requires a special event beer permit applicant to be a bona fide charitable, non-profit, or political organization, or a company with a valid on-premise permit.
There were two changes made to the ordinance between the first and second reading of the ordinance.the following changes were made to the code between the first and second reading.
Those changes were to add 8-207(3) to provide special event beer permits as the third type of retail permit. Also, added language to 8-224 to exempt any requirements established in 8-203.
In another item of old business, Council approved an ordinance to consider on second reading and public hearing the City of Elizabethton 2023/2024 Budget Ordinance Amendment #11 for the General Fund regarding the TN ECD's Downtown Improvement Grant (DIG).
The City of Elizabethton staff was notified of the award in November 2023. As a result, this wasn't a budgeted project at the start of Fiscal Year 2024.
A budget amendment was needed to account for the revenue for the grant, along with the corresponding expenditures. The result of the amendment will increase grant revenue to a new total of $300,000 and grant expenditures to $318,750, with the match amount of $18,750 to be funded from Fund Balance.
In matters of new business, Council approved the following:
  • An ordinance to consider on first reading Elizabethton City Schools 2023/2024 budget ordinance amendment for the School Federal Projects Fund.
  • A resolution to approve an amendment to the Tennessee Violent Crime Intervention Fund Grant.
  • A resolution to approve a Letter of Intent to purchase AMI Meters.
  • An ordinance on first reading to amend Section 7-401 of the Municipal Code, regarding the wholesale distribution and warehousing of fireworks within the City of Elizabethton.  Following a review of the existing ordinance with the Fire Department, staff proposed the current ordinance be amended to allow for the wholesale distribution and warehousing of consumer-grade fireworks. With this allowance, any business seeking to wholesale fireworks would be required to obtain a local permit from the fire marshal. The permit would cost $300 and would ensure the annual inspection of each wholesale distribution operation to verify all Elizabethton current fire codes are met.
  • A resolution to modify the Main Street Director job description.
  • A resolution to modify the GIS & Engineering Programs Manager job description.
  • A resolution to modify the Stormwater Coordinator job description.
  • A resolution modifying the Assistant Golf Superintendent job description.
  • A resolution adopting the Associate Golf Professional job description and ADA specifications.
  • A resolution modifying the Golf Professional job description.
  • A resolution approving the Blackburn, Childers & Steagall, PLC Fiscal Year 2024 Audit Services Contact for the Elizabethton Electric Department.
  • A resolution approving Blackburn, Childers & Steagall, PLC Fiscal Year 2024 Audit Services Contract.
  • A resolution approving the opening of a retainage bank account for the City of Elizabethton, Water Resources Department and Merkel Brothers Construction for work performed on the Doe River Water Crossing Project.
  • A resolution approving the opening of a retainage bank account for the City of Elizabethton, Water Resources Department and Haren Construction Company, Inc. for work performed on the Doe River Water Crossing Project.
Two events were also approved by Council.
Main Street Elizabethton requested to host First Fridays once again this year in Downtown Elizabethton with the addition of a road closure, which will add a family-friendly fun zone feature to the overall event.
Activities on this closed section will include inflatables, a chalk-walk and other free attractions for those participating in the First Fridays celebrations.
The second event is the 40th running of the Carter County Roan Groan bicycle race to take place on Saturday, June 1, 2024. The request was made by Reneau Dubberly, Race Director.
Also, the Fat Tire Criterium will be hosted again this year in Downtown Elizabethton on Sunday, June 2, 2024 from 8 am until 6 pm.
Both races will require road closures at various intersections over the two-day period.
Finally, Council approved purchases, expenses, and bids for March of 2024. Purchases include a Peerless Vertical Turbine Pump for the Water Resources Department in the amount of $33,750.
Expenses included a state contract bid on a John Deere rough mower for the Elizabethton Golf Course totaling $57,000.
The next City Council meeting will be held at 6 pm on Thursday, May 9 inside Council Chambers. The public is cordially invited to attend.
Mayor Curt Alexander makes a point while discussing an issue during the public comment section during the April City Council meeting.