FAQ's concerning new garbage collection procedure

With the recent flyer mailing and Facebook posting concerning a new procedure within the City of Elizabethton Street and Sanitation Department, a FAQ has been developed in hopes of answering those questions.
The change comes about as the department moves to a more efficient and safer way of collecting residential garbage with a new side loader garbage truck which should begin collecting garbage by the first week of May.

Question - Will current employees be retained when the new single-operated truck goes into service?
Answer - Yes the employees currently working on the trucks will be absorbed into other roles within the department. The automated side loader garbage truck ensures safe pickup as no employees will have to ride on the back of the garbage truck.

Question - Will my current garbage container be replaced?
Answer - The current containers with a city serial number will remain. However, if your current container is damaged, you must call into the Sanitation Department at 423-547-6306 and report it so the container can be replaced. Once the container is inspected by an employee and determined to be damaged, a new one at no cost will be issued.

Question - If I purchased a new container from the city, will it be replaced if it has been damaged?
Answer - No. it is the customer's responsibility to purchase a new container to replace the damaged container.

Question - I have several containers and I am not sure which one has been issued by the city. How do I find out if the damaged one belongs to the city?
Answer - If you have multiple containers and are unsure about which can is which, please call 423-547-6306 and we can provide assistance in gathering that information.

Question - How do I obtain a new container(s)?
Answer - If you need to purchase additional containers, those can be purchased at city hall for a cost of $72.01 (cost of container with tax included). These containers become yours and can be taken with you should you move.

Question - Does my monthly utility bill including residential user fee increase with multiple containers?
Answer - No. Your monthly residential user fee will not increase for having multiple containers.

Question - If I place trash bags on top of the container or to the side, will those be picked up?
Answer - No. The new truck is a one-man operation and if trash is not inside the container, the driver will not stop to pick up the container. If you believe that you will have trash that will not fit into one container, another container(s) will need to be purchased to ensure all trash will be picked up or will need to be set aside for a future pickup.

Question - Will cardboard and cardboard boxes be picked up if set to the side or on top of the container(s)?
Answer - No. The cardboard will need to be cut up and placed inside the container or taken to the Carter County Recycling Center located at 411 Cherokee Park Drive. Hours of operation at the recycling center are 7 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday and there is a cardboard bin located outside the gate where cardboard only can be placed. All cardboard left outside the resident container(s) will be the responsibility of the resident.

Question - Can I obtain another garbage service to pick up my garbage?
Answer - No. City Ordinance 17-107 states exclusive collection. It shall be unlawful for any person other than the city or its authorized contractor to engage in the business of collecting,removing and disposing of refuse in the city except those private collectors specifically authorized by the city.

Residents may still see a rear loader garbage truck picking up garbage while a second automatic side loader truck is in the process of being purchased. These new procedures will go into effect immediately for all residents serviced by the city's garbage collection.

With the obvious increase in request for new containers, there may be some delay in getting the new containers delivered so patience is requested.
If anyone has further questions you feel have not been answered, please call 423-547-6306.