Elizabethton Fire Department provides ladder training for rookie firemen

The Elizabethton Fire Department continues to provide essential training for rookie firemen throughout Northeast Tennessee as last week the department hosted ladder training for 21 rookies.
These rookies came from throughout Northeast Tennessee including Johnson City, Kingsport, Greeneville, Bristol, Morristown, Newport and one participant from Holston Defense.
Although there were no Elizabethton rookies in this class, 11 firemen from the department provided instruction for the class.
While these rookie firemen will receive instruction at each department between Elizabethton and Newport, this particular day was all about ladders.
Participants learned how to carry, deploy and climb ground ladders. They also learned how to work off of ladders properly, carry tools, and utilize hose-lines while battling fires from ladders.
Victim rescue and or the rescue of other firemen was an important part of the ladder training.
Finally, these rookie firemen had the chance to climb the aerial ladder while wearing their full turnout gear and SCBA.
The day left a lasting impression on the 21 rookie firemen who will count heavily on the use of ladders in the days and years ahead.

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