Tweetsie Trail Jams '24 is just around the corner

Tweetsie Trail Jams ’24 is almost here and its time to get tickets for one of two big concerts that is part of the Tweetsie Trail Jams concert series.
Rocketman - An Elton John Tribute tickets are NOW ON SALE!!!
About The Rocket Man Show
Simply put - this is Elton!
Scotsman Rus Anderson is Elton John's official body double for his 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' world tour launch promo video.
Hand picked by Elton John & David Furnish, it was Rus' own live tribute production 'The Rocket Man Show' which got him noticed.
In the show, Rus recreates the magic & live persona of a young Elton like no other. Storming around the stage with a fun-loving sense of flamboyance; part diva, part soccer player, killer vocalist, fierce piano player, all rock & roller.
Rus' painstaking attention to detail includes wearing gorgeous, colorful & spectacular costumes (many actually worn by Elton) including his iconic boots, glasses & jumpsuits from 1973, as well as a sparkly Swarovski tuxedo from 1984.
It is clearly the most authentic Elton John tribute show in the world.
For tickets, scan the code on the poster or simply click here: