Large crowd floods downtown for Independence Day Celebration

Each year, the Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration at Covered Bridge Park in Elizabethton continues to get larger and so does the celebration as an evening of music, food, and fireworks created new memories for the thousands in attendance at the event.
The crowd began showing up around 4 pm for several pre-music and fireworks events including the Patriotic Bike, Patriotic Pup, and Miss Firecracker pageant along with clogging, recognition of those present who served in the military, the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, and other parts of the patriotic program leading up to the night's main events.
Food trucks present were over-ran by the large crowd as lines were long waiting to get their taste of some fresh fire pizza, meatballs, hotdogs, meatloaf sandwiches, popcorn, snowcones, and so much more.
SPANK - The 80's Band took to the stage around 7:30 pm and entertained the crowd for nearly two hours as many in the crowd made requests of the band during their set.
Although all the requests couldn't be fulfilled, the band did their best to play some of the classics from the 80's era that had the crowd dancing and singing along with the music.
As time for the fireworks was at hand, lights in the park were turned off as fireworks sponsored by Tour Carter County and the Elizabethton-Carter Co. Chamber of Commerce were launched from the Doe River Bridge and lasted for several minutes.
A highlight of the fireworks were when two gas mine explosions were ignited much to the crowd's delight.
Many people were overheard making rave remarks about the fireworks which continue to grow each year.
"Last year's fireworks were great and I don't know how you all did it, but this year's were even better," said local Pastor Jody Bewley. "Long live the fireball! A great job by the City of Elizabethton!"
Many also took to the City's Facebook page where the show was streamed live bragging on the evening's fireworks as one person even tuned in from Texas to watch the festivities.










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