Recap of June 2024 City Council meeting

The Elizabethton City Council met in their regular June session on Thursday, June 13 inside the Council Chambers at the Elizabethton City Hall.
Rev. Jeff Wilson from Harvest Baptist Church provided the opening Invocation with Mayor Curt Alexander leading those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.
All seven members of the Council were present as City Clerk Preston Cobb called the roll for the meeting. Minutes from the May meeting were approved by all members of the Council.
In old business, Council voted 7-0 to approve an ordinance on second reading and public hearing the City of Elizabethton 2023/2024 budget ordinance #12 for the General Fund in regards to the year-end budget adjustment for the General Fund.
This budget amendment will account for golf course operations, an increase in fuel sales, and an increase to the City's paving budget. The impact will result in increasing revenue and expenditures by $772,988 with no change to fund balance.
Council also approved on second reading and public hearing the 2024-2025 budget and property tax rate for the 2024 tax year.
Through budget workshops held during this spring, City Council has reviewed and adjusted the proposed budgets prepared by staff. The ordinance will adopt the proposed budgets and tax rate for the Fiscal Year 2024-2025 (FY25). No tax rate increase is proposed in the budget under consideration.
The current tax rate is set at $1.65, which is the same as set in Fiscal Year 2024.
Highlights of the FY25 budgets include funding for the following:
  • Continued operations of the numerous departments and functions of the city.
  • Capital projects that meet the needs of the city and advance the priorities in City Council’s strategic plan.
  • Increases to employee pay and benefits, including adjustments for labor market need, a 4% across-the-board raise, and paying for a 3% increase to health insurance premiums.
  • An increase to the City's paving budget by $100,000, which represents a 14% increase from prior year's original budget.
In the final piece of old business, the Council voted 7-0 on second reading and public hearing the 2024-2025 budget adoption for the Elizabethton Board of Education.
The budget is prepared with the operational funding request to the City of Elizabethton in the amount of $2,400,000. The operational funding request was the same for Fiscal Year 2024. The City of Elizabethton's Budget Ordinance includes $1,500,000 to be taken from the School's Half Cent Sales Tax and an additional $1,000,000 from the City of Elizabethton's Fund Balance as a one-time capital request (FY24 $500,000 and FY25 $500,000).
In new business, the Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution to approve a Community Development Block Grant contract with the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development for renovations to the Franklin Pool.
The City of Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department received a CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) through the First Tennessee Development District (FTDD) to improve the Franklin Pool Facility by renovating the pool's surfacing, installing new gutters, installing a heater and a new chlorination system for the community facility. The grant funds and required local match are in the FY25 budget.
In other new business receiving unanimously support from the Council:
  • Approval of a resolution to approve 2024-2025 Elizabethton Municipal Airport Budget.
  • Approval of a resolution to approve an addendum to the 2019 Administration Agreement with First Tennessee Development District Regarding the Doe River Water Line Crossing Project.
  • A resolution of support for applying for the 2024 TDOT Multimodal Access Grant.
  • A resolution to ratify the Mayor's signature on the Closing Change Order for the Doe River Water Line Project Contract #1.
  • A resolution to ratify the Mayor's Signature on the Closing Change Order for the Doe River Water Line Project Contract #2.
  • Approval of a contract between City of Elizabethton Electric and Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services.
  • A resolution to approve a preventative maintenance contract for City-owned forklifts (Water Resources Department and Elizabethton Electric).
  • A resolution to approve an agreement with CRI for implementation of a voice over IP phone system and purchase of eight phone handsets for Parks & Recreation and the Elizabethton Golf Course.
  • A resolution to Approve Bid Award and Contract to Nor-Well Company Inc. for three (3) HVAC unit replacements at The Tetrick Center. The original resolution was amended from electric to alternative gas units.
The next Elizabethton City Council meeting will be held on Thursday, July 11 at 6 pm in the Council Chambers at Elizabethton City Hall.

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