New automatic side loader garbage truck goes into operation on Monday June 24

Residents are reminded that beginning on Monday, June 24 that they are requested to begin the new process of setting garbage cans with opening facing the road as the new automatic side loader will beginning operation.
Other important action items required are as follows:
• The handle of the cart must face the home or business.
• No garbage or bags outside or on top of the cart will be collected.
• The cart lid must close completely, otherwise the cart will not be emptied.
• Do not lean anything against the cart or place anything on the lid of the cart as it cannot be lifted for dumping.
• All household refuse/garbage items placed in the cart must be bagged and placed curbside by 7 am on the scheduled garbage collection day.
• The cart is the property of the City of Elizabethton. Each cart has a serial number assigned to the address to which it is delivered.
• Additional carts may be purchased for a one-time fee.
• If you have (2) or more carts, the carts must be placed at least 3 feet apart within 2 feet of the curb. The carts must be at least 3’ feet from poles, fire hydrants, parked vehicles, or any other obstacles.
• The Sanitation Department will be designating a specific location marked with an ‘X’ percity address. It is required the container be on the designated mark.
Placement of the carts is required. Garbage cannot be collected if these requirements are not followed. An orange tag will be placed on cans to notify residents of issues on the first day of pickup as a courtesy.
If you have questions or need any additional information, please contact the Sanitation Department at (423) 547-6306.