Elizabethton Planning Office issues 55 permits for May

The City of Elizabethton Planning Office released its numbers for the month of May showing a total of 55 permits issued for the period from May 1 to May 31.
Electrical permits were the largest category for the month with 17 permits issued resulting in fees collected in the amount of $834.
Numerical, plumbing was second for the month as 10 permits were issued by the department with $535 collected in fees.
The category that had the largest valuation was Commercial Building Permits with a total value of $2,935,527.31. The office collected $16,372 in fees for the eight permits.
Residential building permits had the same number of permits issued at eight with a valuation of $423,000. Those permits resulted in fees of $4,069.
Four sign permits with valuation of $10,000 were applied for and issued with $300 in fees collected.
Overall, the total valuation of permits was $3,574,527.31 in which a total of $24,254 was paid for fees to get the permits issued.
Other permits were demolition (1), Commercial Mechanical (1), Residential Mechanical (5), and Temporary Sign Permit (1).
The total number of permits were down 18 from April when there were a total of 73 permits issued by the Planning Office.