Traffic Signals

Traffic_SignalSince 1999, the Engineering Department has been tasked with overseeing the City of Elizabethton's traffic signal system. This includes; planning, securing funding, developing scope of services, plan review, construction over site, maintenance and maintaining a inventory of operational equipment.    The City of Elizabethton Planning and Development office along with the Johnson City Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (JCMTPO) assist with traffic signal planning and securing funding for new signal construction and signal upgrades.  Once funding and projects have been approved, the City Engineering Department works closely with TDOT in developing scope of services, construction plans and provides technical input during construction.  The City uses TDOT Standard Specifications for Roadway and Bridge Construction Section 730 along with TDOT Standard Traffic Operations Drawings as a minimum standard for all traffic signals within Elizabethton city limits.
Traffic Signals
Battery Backups
Two (2) intersections utilize battery backups Battery Backup Info
Specifications and Datasheets  
Fourteen (14) intersections are interconnected with fiber optic cable
EtherWAN Hardened Managed Ethernet Switch.  P/N: EX71622-VVB

Specification and Data sheets
  • Thirteen (13) Peek controllers
  • This controller is no longer manufactured or serviced by Peek
  • Nine (9) Econolite Cobalt 2100 C Series Controllers
  • The City is in the process of replacing the discontinued Peek controllers with Econolite Cobalt controllers.  
  • All current and future controllers will be equipped with the necessary preemption and synchronization modules.
IMG_2041Specification and Datasheets
Econolite-Cobalt C-Series
Emergency Preemption
preemption_1Twenty three (23) intersections have Opticom infrared systems installed

Specification and Datasheets
Signal Heads
Twelve (12) intersections equipped with McCain signal heads with visors and back plates
Sixteen (16) intersections equipped with Dialight LED lamps
Seven (7) intersections have standard incandescent signal heads

Specification and Datasheets
Vehicle Detection
  • Two (2) intersections utilize timing sequence
  • Thirteen (13) intersections have in ground loop detection
  • Seven (7) intersections have Wavetronix Radar Matrix
  • Two (2)  intersections equipped with Wavetronix Advanced Detection
  • Eighteen (18) intersections have Northstar NT11E single channel shelf mount detectors installed
Specification and Datasheets
traffic_signal_loop   wavetronix