Hydrant Maintenance

While the Elizabethton Water Department is responsible for the installation of all fire hydrants, it is a joint effort between the Water Dept. and Elizabethton Fire Dept. to insure that all hydrants are properly maintained. The Water Dept. is responsible for regular flushing of the fire hydrants and water lines, while EFD is responsible for the annual testing of all hydrants. We pressure test all 525+ fire hydrants every year. Any leaks or other problems that are found are then reported to the Water Dept., who in turn fix said problems. EFD also flow tests approximately 120 fire hydrants per year. This flow schedule insures that we adhere to ISO requirements of flow testing each hydrant at least once every 5 years. These flow tests tell us how many gallons per minute (GPM) of water that each fire hydrant is capable of delivering. We utilize this information in determining what color the fire hydrants are to be painted. The 120 fire hydrants per year that are flow tested are also painted, with the color of the hydrant indicating to us the water supply capabilities of that hydrant.

Fire Hydrant Flow's
Color     GPM

Red         0-499
Orange     500-999
Green     1,000-1,499
Blue    1,500 or more

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