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Elizabethton City Council bids farewell to Shipley, Tester

ELIZABETHTON (Nov 8, 2018) —Thursday’s meeting of the Elizabethton City Council ended as a farewell to two councilmen who are ending long terms of service.

Several former mayors, city managers, council members, city officials and employees attended the meeting and joined with their current counterparts to bid farewell to Sam Shipley and Richard Tester.

Mayor Curt Alexander said Tester has served on the council for eight years, while Shipley may have set a record for longevity on the council. Shipley has served continuously on the council since 1998.

Alexander said Tester has become a close friend, not only for him but for his family. The mayor presented Tester with a plaque for his eight years of service.

The mayor said Shipley has served as mayor pro tem on three occasions and has served with 10 City Council members, several city managers and mayors.

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