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Funding agreement reached for Elizabethton Twins

ELIZABETHTON (Oct 6, 2018) - Over two years of work finally reached a conclusion Friday morning.

City of Elizabethton officials and the Minnesota Twins front office reportedly reached a funding agreement Friday morning to keep the Elizabethton Twins Minor League Baseball affiliate at Joe O’Brien Field for the foreseeable future.

Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander confirmed the agreement happened during a phone interview Saturday afternoon, and stated the agreement must be taken before City Council on Thursday, Oct. 11, for a final vote before becoming official.

The agreement is a five-year agreement between both parties to keep the Twins at Joe O’Brien Field. Two five-year options are also on the table per the agreement.

Overall construction cost is pegged at $2,322,110. Elizabethton will contribute $1.5 million toward the project while the Minnesota Twins will pitch in $800,000.

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