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City receives $500,000 grant from THDA for home rehabilitation

ELIZABETHTON (July 11, 2017) - Stabilizing the housing infrastructure in the community just got a bit easier.

City of Elizabethton officials were able to receive some support Tuesday afternoon thanks in part to a $500,000 HOME Program grant from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency to bring substandard homes back up to code.

“The City of Elizabethton appreciates (the opportunity) to receive this grant,” Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Carter said Tuesday. “This is another way we can give back to our citizens.”

Federally funded, the HOME Program works toward production, preservation and rehabilitation of single family housing for low-income households.

“Federal money doesn’t always have to come to Tennessee,” said Katie Moore, Industry and Government Affairs Liaison for THDA. “We work to make sure that as many federal dollars as possible come to Tennessee.”

Senator Rusty Crowe was on hand for the grant presentation and stated the grant funding will go through the First Tennessee Development District.

“This will really be administered through the First Tennessee Development District,” he said. “We really appreciate the work they do. People don’t really realize all the different programs the Development District takes care of for us. THDA does a great job in making sure the state accesses these federal dollars. We really appreciate the team effort it took to bring this to Elizabethton.”

HOME is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is administered by THDA. During the most recent funding round, THDA awarded 16 competitive grants statewide totaling $7.3 million.

“This HOME Program funding is important because it goes to people that need it most,” THDA Executive Director Ralph M. Perrey said in a statement issued to the Elizabethton Star. “This money will help Elizabethton make repairs that would have gone undone without it.”

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