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Celebration of the Tweetsie Trail ends successful summer for Parks & Rec

ELIZABETHTON (Sept 6, 2016) - It was a win-win across the board during Labor Day weekend in Elizabethton.

In an effort to scale back from its inaugural predecessor, the second annual Tweetsie Trail Treasure Trip and Celebration, sponsored by the City of Elizabethton and the Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Department, held Saturday surpassed expectations, according to Parks and Recreation Director and Elizabethton Twins General Manager Mike Mains.

“This has been such a great day,” Mains said while posted up at one of the stops on the Tweetsie Trail near Pizza Inn in Elizabethton. “We really looked at a way to scale this back from last year, with it being our first, but this year has been fantastic.”

While final numbers were unavailable, Mains added the event grew compared from last year, as far as attendance goes, with several hundred attendees descending to Elizabethton to take in the sights and sounds of the area.

“We’ve seen hundreds come by, walk the trail, and participate in different events,” Mains said. “We’ve had more people than last year and, honestly, I would say this is my favorite event to be part of.”

Section One of the Tweetsie Trail, linking Johnson City to Sycamore Shoals was completed in 2014 and since that time, the nature asset provided a link between the region to present the beauty of the area.

“I’m sure all of us in recreation hoped that once this trail came through our area, we could incorporate it to where families could come out and use it together,” Mains said. “That’s what we’ve seen today. All age groups using the trail, families walking with each other … it is just a great thing to see.”

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