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Marker now honors a piece of Elizabethton baseball history

ELIZABETHTON, Tenn (July 23, 2016) - An important piece of history is honored Saturday in Elizabethton as  an historical marker dedicated to mark the former home field of the Blue Grays. The team was the Tri-Cities only Negro League baseball team, but it was a piece of history that was nearly forgotten.
"History like that that gets lost in the shuffle I think it's because as the people involved become older they stop talking about what they did when they were younger," said Cedar Grove Foundation Founder Jayce Augustus.
And it was a conversation between Augustus and a neighbor, that became a 15 year long mission to make the Blue Grays a permanent part of East Tennessee history.
"I simply asked a question,' what did you do for fun and the question became I played baseball," said Augustus.  There in lies the story and that actually started the the trek from therr to here."