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City council moves forward on new sign regulations in Elizabethton

UPDATE: An ordinance to change how people can display signs in different parts of the city is moving forward.

City Councilman Wes Frazier told News 5 WCYB the ordinance passed on its second reading, with some slight changes to the original wording. He said the changes to the original plan deal with the specific sizes allowed for signs.
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Frazier said the council still wants the public's input on the ordinance, they'll meet again in about a month to make any suggested changes.


ELIZABETHTON (March 10, 2016) - The Elizabethton City Council will vote tonight on the second reading of the city's new sign ordinance.

The proposed ordinance would chance the size of the signs in certain areas, as well as where they can be.

"The ultimate goal of sign regulations are asthetics," said Director of Planning and Economic Development, Jon Hartman.

It's been in the works since 2014. A new sign ordinance for the City of Elizabethton.

"We have tried to make it a little more understandable for citizens," Hartman said. "We have added things like how do we calculate the signage, so there is no confusion when somebody turns in a permit."

Hartman said currently the city regulates sign size and types of signs allowed, but it's determined by how the property is used. The regulations are different for businesses and homes.

With the new proposed ordinance, the signs will be regulated by zone instead, and would cover any sign throughout the city you can see from the road.

Read the full article at http://www.wcyb.com/news/city-councils-decision-could-change-sign-regulations-in-elizabethton/38445614.