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Elizabethton Municipal Airport receives state recognition for improvements

ELIZABETHTON (April 18, 2016) - In the last decade, Elizabethton Municipal Airport has received recognition as the Airport of the Year, as well as for having Airport Manager of the Year, Randy Musick. This year, it was recognized as the 2016 Most Improved Airport.

“Each year, the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission gives out four awards, and in the last decade, this airport has received three of those four awards,” said Airport Manager Dan Cogan. “I don’t know of any other airport in the state that can make that claim.”

The award this year recognizes the City of Elizabethton’s vision and confidence to acquire the property from Moody Aviation, which had been the primary tenant since 1967.

“When they announced they were leaving in 2005, it could have become a crisis,” Cogan siad. “Instead, city leadership and airport commissioners had a vision and plan and acquired this property, and we have built the airport of the future in 10 years.”

In 2005, the airport had 34 based planes. Cogan said today it has 57 based aircraft. Where it had 12 private T-hangars under Moody ownership, Elizabethton expanded it to include 26.

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