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City and County receive state recycling grants

ELIZABETHTON (Feb 5, 2016) - Carter County and the City of Elizabethton recently received state grants to help with recycling and waste reduction efforts.

The grant funds are distributed through the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation as a way to help counties and cities reduce their waste and improve their recycling operations.

Carter County and Elizabethton each received a $25,000 grant to be used for the purchase of recycling collection containers. Carter County also received a $37,600 used oil grant.

Elizabethton has no recycling center of its own, so the city currently partners with the county in recycling efforts. The city provides collection containers that its citizens can use to recycle paper, cardboard and plastic and staff from the Carter County Landfill picks up the materials and transports them to the county’s Recycling Center.

Last year, the city opened a recycling convenience center at the intersection of Mill Street and S. Lynn Avenue in the Blackbottom area.

All of the recyclable materials collected in the city and county are sorted and stored at the Recycling Center until there are enough materials to be sold. Selling the materials makes the county’s recycling program self-sustaining and it also helps to generate funds for the landfill operations. Additionally, the landfill is aided through the recycling program because materials which are recycled would have ended up in the landfill without the program.

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