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Long-time Parks and Rec Board member honored for service to community

ELIZABETHTON (Oct 13, 2015) - Charlie McQueen, an Elizabethton Parks and Recreation board member, has stepped down after 25 years of dedication to the group. He was honored with a plaque and standing ovation at Thursday’s City Council Meeting.

“He is that one particular gentleman that I can count on,” said Elizabethton Parks and Recreation Director Mike Mains. “He’s the type of guy that always wants what’s best for the city of Elizabethton.”

Mains said McQueen rarely, if ever, missed a meeting and that he has not only been devoted to the Parks and Recreation Department, but to the city as a whole.

“I just like that kind of work,” said McQueen, listing the various projects of the department.

McQueen said that since he began, a whole lot has been accomplished. “I really appreciate the board, and I hope the people appreciate the good parks they have to play in.”
He has lived in the Black Bottom community for 87 years and requested the park to be named McQueen Black Bottom Riverside Park.

“I remember when it was nothing but riverbank, but now it’s a beautiful park,” said McQueen.

According to Mains, he enjoys the area and never ceased to uphold his responsibility ensuring that park patrons respect the area and facilities.

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