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Fire Department Announces Promotions

ELIZABETHTON (Nov 16, 2015) - The Elizabethton Fire Department proudly announced the promotions of two long time employees: Rusty Barnett to Deputy Fire Chief and Andy Hardin to Fire Marshall.

“Rusty has been here for 34–almost 35–years and has the experience, knowledge and capability to perform at a high level,” said Fire Chief Barry Carrier. “I’m confident Rusty will serve the department well for many years.”

Barnett began with Johnson City Public Safety (formerly a joint fire and police department) and went on to work at the Elizabethton Fire Department as a firefighter, then engineer, then Captain for 24 years.

Barnett’s new responsibilities will include overseeing operations, training, payroll and assisting wherever needed.
“My number one goal is to upgrade training and certification,” said Barnett.

He emphasized his interest in improving training, installing more smoke alarms and continuing fire education with kids and adults. He noted that emergency calls have been fewer lately, likely an effect of improved prevention strategies.

“I love teaching fire prevention programs to children and will continue to lead tours,” he said.

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