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Fidelitone brings 200 jobs to community

ELIZABETHTON (September 2, 2015) - A national supply chain management company celebrated the grand opening of its new Elizabethton location Tuesday with a picnic for employees.

The new location in Elizabethton will create about 200 jobs by the end of the year, Fidelitone President and Chief Operating Officer Josh Johnson said.

Fidelitone provides warehouse, order fulfillment and value-added product services for a variety of companies that operate mail order or online shopping businesses. The Fidelitone warehouse stores the merchandise for clients, and when an order comes in, Fidelitone employees collect, package and ship the products.

“It’s mainly a pick-and-pack operation, but we do have some value-added products as well, such as embroidery and engraving,” said Jon Priest, president of order fulfillment for Fidelitone.
While the company may be new to Elizabethton, they are not newcomers to the region.
“We’ve had some operations in the area before, but this new location provides us with a great opportunity for growth,” Johnson said. “We are excited about the consolidation of our two facilities in Johnson City and Gray here at this new facility.”

While the company celebrated the grand opening in Elizabethton on Tuesday, the new facility is not operating at full capacity yet, Priest said.

“We are still in a bit of a transition period,” he said. “We’ve got about 80 people working here today.”
As the company completes the consolidation of the Johnson City and Gray warehouses to the new Elizabethton facility not only will it bring existing jobs, but the company will be expanding operations as well, Priest said.

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