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Elizabethton Announces New City Website

ELIZABETHTON (August 11, 2015) - The City of Elizabethton has announced that they have a new website. This new website is a redesign from the city’s previous website which was originally designed and created in 2002. City Manager, Jerome Kitchens, said this new website will give citizens easier access to city information in a user friendly format.

Kitchens said, “This is something City Council has been wanting to do for a while and understandably so. This new website will give the city residents, businesses, and visitors easier access to city information.”

The new site incorporates a page for each department in the city as well as targeted menus for city residents, businesses, and those visiting Elizabethton. A city calendar and city news is also new to the site.

Implementation team co-leader, Jon Hartman, said the new site will make it easier for staff to keep the site up-to-date.

“The new software we’re using for the website redesign will allow each department to maintain their own section of the site. This will help keep it up to date and allow important information such as meeting minutes and agendas to be posted timely.”

According to the implementation team co-leader, Anthony Lawrence, redesigning the site was the only route to go.

“The old site was really designed in a different era of the Internet and to bring it up to modern standards would have been too difficult, time consuming, and expensive.” Lawrence said.

With the site being new Lawrence says they are still working out a few kinks, but the site is fully functional and already has a lot of information available.