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City Manager Announces Reorganization

ELIZABETHTON (July 6, 2014) - City Manager, Jerome Kitchens, announced the following changes in the organization of City departments.

Jon Hartman, Planning Director, will be in charge of city economic development. He will work in conjunction with Carter County Tomorrow and other regional boards to facilitate recruitment and retention. Jon will continue his roles in the planning and building departments but will drop library and recreation departments from his direct duties to allow him to spend time in development activities. Renita Barksdale, Library Director, and Mike Mains, Park and Recreation Director, will report directly to the City Manager.

Rob Toney, General Manager of the Electric Department, having completed the Certified Power Executive management program, will now report directly to the City manager. Johann Coetzee will become General Manager of Water Resources. Water Resources is the department in charge of fresh water and waste water systems in the City. Johann will also oversee the engineering department as they work to develop maps and pressure models of the various distribution and collection systems as well as provide in-house engineering services to Public Works.

Although these changes begin July 1, 2015 there will be a period of transition as job functions are reorganized.