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Hampton Spring Water Source

Hampton spring is the largest of the three ground sources used by the City of Elizabethton. Currently supplying 54% of the city’s total water, the spring has officially been a part of the City's system since 1958, but is actually one of the oldest water sources supplying the area. Naturally bubbling up out of the ground, the spring was well known to the first settlers in the region, eventually developing into the independently owned Mountain Spring Water Company by the turn of the 20th century.
Organized to supply the growing population of Elizabethton, the company worked out an agreement with the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad (ET&WNC) to lay approximately 5 miles of 12 inch pipe along the railroad's right of way in 1908. Even larger pipe was installed during the 1920s to help accomodate the increasing number of factories & mills that were being developed. At its peak the spring was supplying as much as 10 million gallons a day through more than 80 miles of line. Today the spring still has an average yield of approximately 3,500 gpm, the largest in Upper East Tennessee, and yields 3.0 million gallons per day to Elizabethton’s water supply.
A true ground source, Hampton's water was once proclaimed to be the purest water in the United States, and even now requires only minimal treatment. The elevation of Hampton spring is 1,780 feet.  

 Hampton Spring and Water Plant  Interior of the Hampton Spring Reservoir  
 Hampton Spring and Mansion