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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) present spatial data in a meaningful way. Mapping features in GIS provides a visual representation of how features interact spatially. Different types of features have data that are stored in map layers. When features are accurately mapped with important data, GIS can also be used as a tool to analyze the mapped spatial data. GIS is used by the city of Elizabethton as a tool to make systems within the city run more efficiently. Parcel mapping for planning, flood mapping for building purposes, and updating road names for our fire crews are just a few of the ways that GIS is being implemented by the city.

Currently, Elizabethton’s GIS and Engineering department are working to map the city’s sewer system. Mapping the underground sewer system and incorporating important data will lead to technicians identifying and repairs leaky sewer lines faster. The department intends to continue mapping important features within the city and create effective maps for all of the city’s departments.

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