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Water Line Replacement Project

In late 2013 the City began actively addressing the problem of deteriorating galvanized water lines. Hiring a dedicated line laying crew and purchasing a new directional boring machine, the department is now replacing approximately 2,000 feet of old line each month, with a total of nearly 30,000 feet replaced last year alone. With over 500,000 feet of galvanized lines still in the system it will take several years to complete this monumental project, though progress is still moving at a remarkable rate. 

Eric Fagan operating the City's directional boring machine:This method of pipe laying is much more efficient and less disruptive than digging an open trench.   
 Eric Fagan operating the city's directional boring machine
Cody Eggers locating the boring head: Running laterally, several feet underground, the boring machine can pull new sections of pipe up to 400 feet in length. Using a variety of bits and tools, the boring head spins and utilizes water pressure to create a cavity through which crews can then insert the new plastic water line. 

 Cody Eggers locating the boring head approximately 3 feet below ground