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Cross Connections Program

What is a Cross Connection?
A cross connection is any connection between piping that carries drinking water (potable water) and the piping that carry other types of water or substances that may not be safe to drink (non-potable). Any connection to a non-potable source not protected with a backflow prevention device could be siphoned back into the public water system, which could pollute or contaminate the public water supply.

Why is it Important to Prevent Backflow? 
The goal of Elizabethton Water Resources is to supply safe water to each and every customer under all foreseeable circumstances. Each instance where water is used improperly so as to create the possibility of backflow threatens the health and safety of our customers and threatens our chances of realizing this goal. The possibility of backflow due to improper use of water within the customer's premises is especially significant, because such cross connections may easily result in the contamination of our water supply mains. The only protection against such occurences is the elimination of cross connections or the isolation of such hazards from the water supply lines by properly installed and approved backflow prevention devices. 

What is the City Doing to Protect their Customers?

Elizabethton has a dedicated Cross-Connections Coordinator who monitors nearly 700 backflow prevention devices throughout the system. Prospective business owners are required to install and maintain appropriate backflow prevention devices as defined on the City Business Application. This policy is an essential enforcement component of the comprehensive Cross-Connections Control Plan. To view the City's Ordinance regarding our Cross Connections please click here.