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Hampton Watershed Biking & Hiking Trail


The City of Elizabethton purchased this land in 1935, and currently owns 238 acres. As a watershed, the City of Elizabethton receives 3.5 million gallons of water a day. The Eagle Scouts began working on transforming this area into a biking and hiking trail over 15 years ago. Thanks to the help of them and countless other volunteers, this beautiful, scenic trail reaches 3.5 miles and offers 500 FT of elevation gain. 


Brief Description of Trails...

This network of single track trails provide difficulties ranging from easy, intermediate and difficult. The Pines, the lower loops which are great for beginners, provide beautiful views of the Doe River. Then for the most experienced riders we have the upper loop, which is also known as the Cats Pajama. These trails have received professional accolades as being a great model of a stacked loop trail system. 
Trail view

Our Partners...

Our Department is fortunate enough to be able to work with multiple partners and volunteers who make operating a trail like this possible. These groups and individuals share with us their knowledge and experience in the world of biking and hiking and help us with the upkeep and installation of signage throughout the trail system. 
 * SORBA of the Tri-Cities
 * Carter County Parks and Recreation Board
 * Local Riders
 * Doe River Gorge

Bike Trail Maintenance Picture

What's Ahead...

Our Department is working hard on expanding on what this already great trail system offers. Sean Wiggins has graciously volunteered his time to help install new signage. A new partnership has been formed with Doe River Gorge which will open up many opportunities for us and their camp. Randy O'Conner has been working with us on developing a master plan for this expansion. We are looking at adding 11 miles of new trails and 1200 FT of elevation gain. These flow size trails would be machine built and have multiple line features along the way. A new 5 acre bike skills and pump track park is also in the plan and would add more options for riders of all experience levels. This expansion will take the trails to the peak of Cedar Mountain, adjacent to Cherokee National Forest. 

another trail view