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   Once an individual has been hired as a new firefighter with the Elizabethton Fire Department, they begin training at once. The new firefighter will work at least one week on day shift to meet all personnel, learn our daily clean-up and equipment inspection routines, receive firefighting gear and begin basic hands-on training before attending the Fire Academy. All new hires are required to attend the Northeast Tennessee Regional Fire Training Academy, which is conducted by the Kingsport Fire Department. All local Fire Departments participate in the Fire Academy by hosting classes. The Fire Academy is a 14-week school that teaches essential Firefighting skills as well as Vehicle Extrication, Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Technician, National Incident Management System (NIMS), Firefighter Survival, Rapid Intervention Training (RIT) and Medical First Responder.
   Once a new firefighter has graduated from the 14-week Fire Academy, he/she is assigned to a 24-hour shift. But the training does not end there. Continual training is a integral part of the Elizabethton Fire Departments daily routine. EFD's training regimen has been developed so that it complies with both Tennessee Fire Commission, and ISO training requirements. 
   The Tennessee Fire Commission in-service training program requires a minimum of 40 hours per year. These 40 hours of training must consists of:
  • At least 8 hours of Haz-Mat training per year.
  • 4 hours of CPR every other year.
  • A minimum of four (4) hours of Safety, Stress Management/Critical Incident Stress Management, SIDS training, or Domestic Violence training. A department must rotate through these subjects, teaching at least one subject each year.
   EFD usually schedules a minimum of 48 hours of state approved training per year to insure that everyone meets the required 40 hours despite vacations, sick time and/or military leave. EFD also includes Vehicle Extrication and Emergency Vehicle Operations in this training curriculum on a bi-annual basis.

   ISO Training requirements include a minimum of the following:
  • 240 hours for new recruits in the first year.
  • Company training at fire stations; 16 hours per member, per month.
  • 6-hour training session on Haz-Mat per member, per year.
  • Classes for new drivers/pump operators, 60 hours.
  • Classes for existing drivers/pump operators, 12 hours.
  • Certification of all officers and 12 hours per year of continuing education for all officers.
  • 2 night drills per year, per shift; 3 hours each in duration.
   We also conduct in-house monthly safety meetings, as required by the City of Elizabethton  

   EFD currently employ's 21 State certified Fire Instructors.

   We recognize that the fire service is continually growing and continually changing. As such, we have made it our mission to stay up to date with the newest techniques, technology and equipment available in order to provide the citizens of Elizabethton with the best service possible.

Firefighters from across region train on ladders in Elizabethton.
Firefighters use old warehouse to train for future emergencies.

 Dump Tank Training (09-16-15)
   Dump Tank Training w/ SCVFD (09-16-15)
 Dump Tank Training -2 (09-16-15)
    Dump Tank Training w/ SCVFD (09-16-15)