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   While considered a function of the Fire Marshal's Office and overseen by the Fire Marshal himself, Pre-Fire Incident Planning is conducted by Fire Suppression personnel. Once per year we will visit every business within the Corporate City limits to conduct pre-planning. These are not Inspections and are used by Fire Suppression crews in case of an emergency at these locations. 
   Some of the information gathered during pre-planning visits include, but are not limited to: contact information, building construction type, occupancy type, location of all entrances and exits, presence of alarm systems and sprinkler systems, breaker box locations, and utility shut-offs. We will also sketch a floor-plan of the business. In the past, paper copies of all pre-plans have been filed in the Fire Marshal's Office, with copy's of these pre-plans also located in every Fire Truck. We now have the ability to enter pre-plan information into a computer program which can be accessed in the field through an I-Pad. This will make pre-plans much quicker to access in an emergency situation.
   While conducting pre-plans of local business's, Fire Department personnel will also fill out a Hazard Assessment Survey. Again, this is not an inspection, but rather a form that we will fill out and submit to the Fire Marshal. This form was created by the Fire Marshal and will notify him as to any specific fire safety issues that he may need to follow up on. We will go over the Hazard Assessment Survey with the business owner or operator before we leave and give them a copy to keep.
   Not only can pre-plans be extremely helpful to fire personnel in an emergency situation, but complete and accurate records of all pre-plans also count toward our Fire Departments ISO rating. You can click here to learn more about the ISO rating system and how EFD's ISO rating can effect local insurance rates.