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   The Elizabethton Fire Department is made up of 33 full-time employees. EFD rank and order consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, 3-Battalion Chiefs, Fire Marshall/Captain, 3-Lieutenants, 3-Sergeants, 12-Engineers and 9-Firefighters. The Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief and Fire Marshall work day-shift, while all other personnel work 24-hour shifts.

 EFD Group -2016
Front Row: Mike Williams, Sergeant Russell Hodge, Chuck Lawrence, Lieutenant David Shouse, Shane Clawson, Tony Griffey, Brian Stevens, Skylar Cole, Aaron Lloyd, Jeremiah Tolley, Robert Rike and Robert Hatcher. Middle Row: Lieutenant Dennis Erwin, Dalton Williams, Rick Riddle, Alan Shepard, Wes Buckner, Lance Treadway, Dustin Curtis, Matt Doss, William Shoun, Sergeant Tony Edwards and Jerry Smith. Back Row: Lieutenant Andy Wetzel, Fonz Cecil, Battalion Chief Tim Edwards, Battalion Chief Todd Montgomery, Battalion Chief Steve Murray, City Manager Jerome Kitchens, Fire Chief Barry Carrier, Deputy Chief Rusty Barnett, Fire Marshal/Captain Andy Hardin, Jr. McAninch and Josh Hubbard.

Book recounts battle against residential fires in wake of Hurricane Sandy, including involvement of local fire fighters.