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E-6 Medical Care Demo                               EFD w/ E-6 at the Medical Care Family Fun Day on July 18th, 2015.

   If you would like to, you may request the Elizabethton Fire Department to bring a Fire Truck to your School, Church or Business for a display and/or demonstration. You can schedule your display or demonstration by calling (423)542-5421. When you call to schedule a display or demo, please be ready to provide the following information: location, date and time, number of children present, if you would like for us to give a talk about fire safety or just be there for display, and a contact name and number in case we have to reschedule for any reason. Please understand that we may be unable to attend your event or may have to leave during the event if we are called out on an emergency. If we have to cancel or leave early, we will do everything within our power to reschedule with you.
   A display would be when we come out to a Church or a Business that is having some sort of community event and would like for us to be there. We will bring 1 Fire Truck and 2 Firemen. The Firemen will be with the truck to answer any questions. We also welcome people to take pictures with the Fire Trucks. Depending on the situation, we may even open compartment doors so that people can see some of our firefighting equipment.  
   A demonstration is much like a station tour, except that we will come to you. This is usually done for Schools or Day Cares that are unable to come to the Fire Station. 2 Firemen will come to your class and bring in with them their firefighting gear and an airpack to put on and demonstrate. We will also talk to the children about fire safety, the same as we would if you were to come to the Fire Station. You will also have the opportunity to bring the children outside to see the Fire Truck if you would like.

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