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   The Elizabethton Fire Department conducts regular testing of all equipment, including the water pumps and fire hose on the fire trucks. The fire pumps are operated every Monday morning to insure operational readiness. They are also operated regularly throughout the year, not only when there is a fire but also during regular training exercises. Despite the regular use of the fire pumps, they are still tested annually (usually in September) to insure that they continue to meet manufacturer specifications. If for some reason, an apparatus does not pass it's annual pump test, that apparatus is then taken out of service and repaired as soon as possible. After pump testing has been completed, each apparatus is thoroughly back-flushed to insure that the pump along with all intake and discharge piping are clear of any debris and sediment.
   Fire hose is another vital piece of firefighting equipment that must be cared for, maintained and tested regularly. Any time that a fire hose has been used, whether it be on a fire or during a training exercise, the hose must be inspected and appropriately care for afterward. This usually means washing the hose and placing it in a hose dryer. It is important that fire hose not be rolled up or packed back on the fire trucks while wet to prevent mildew and rotting of the hose. 
   Once per year EFD also conducts our annual hose test to insure that the fire hose is still capable of operating at manufacturer specified pressures. Any hose that leaks, bursts, or otherwise fails the hose test in any way is subsequently taken out of service and replaced. This annual hose test usually takes place in October and is conducted on Hunter Avenue, next to Fire Station #2. The testing process usually occurs over the course of three days and requires the closing of Hunter Avenue from about 8:00 AM until approximately 5:00 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience this road closure may cause.

E-3  Pump Test (09-09-15)
         Engine-3 pump test (09-09-15)
E-4  Pump Test (09-14-15)
          Engine-4 pump test (09-14-15)
Ladder-1  Pump Test (09-14-15)
        Ladder-1 Pump Test (09-14-15)
E-4  Back Flushing (09-14-15)
         Engine-4 Back-Flushing (09-14-15)