Economic Development

NTREP logo Northeast Tennessee Regional Economic Partnership
The City of Elizabethton, Carter County, neighboring Washington County/Johnson City, and neighboring Unicoi County have joined together to create a region-wide economic development agency -- Northeast Tennessee Regional Economic Partnership (NeTREP). This organization manages and assists in metro-wide economic and community development and focuses on business development and industrial retention and recruitment. Contact them at 423-202-3510 or visit their website at
City Economic Development
The City of Elizabethton conducts broad economic development initiatives specifically targeted to areas within the city's urban growth boundary and areas influencing the city owned and operated electric utility in Carter County, Tennessee. The city's economic development staff work in collaboration with NeTREP on various projects in and around Elizabethton, and provide a local connection to the regional agency. In addition to industrial development projects with NeTREP, city staff primarily focus on start-up enterprises, small business development, retail recruitment, enhancing quality of life, creating positive business regulations and fostering a pro-development environment. Contact us at 423-542-1503.

We look forward to talking with you about opportunities for your business in Elizabethton!